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Avatizer - On-chain Generative Art Mint Pass

The On-Chain Art Revolution Is Here!

Meet Avatizer, the innovative generative art project that leverages on-chain technology to generate beautiful pieces of art totally independently from external servers or outside scripts.

Each Avatizer NFT is a Mint Pass for ALL future project collections, mostly free to mint (the next one is already announced - it's Ugly Faces by Vitaliy Lishko). At the same time, each Avatizer represents a daily changing PFP based on the initial sketch by Andreas Pries - probably, it is the only dynamic generative art Mint Pass in the NFT world!

The Avatizer project was created by Roman Kropachek from the US-based software corporation Electronic Team, Inc. Each project’s collection is made in cooperation with famous artists and designers and has unique art and style.

NOTE: OpenSea takes some time to cache the NFTs once the faces are reloaded. If your NFT takes too long to update, try clearing your browser cache and refreshing the listing.

Oct 2022
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