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The Atlantis Series

Atlantis Series (Series 1) A series of 99 NFT Art Creations by Walking Keys to tell the real story of Atlantis and the history before our history. The Atlantis Series is divided into 3 Collections & 1 Rare Subset Each unique art piece uses the same design elements in each NFT in this collection. Each is made up of 9 squares, 6 circles and 3 triangles When each NFT is purchased, a real world Tree will be planted in the name of the purchaser. (Trees planted by OneTreePlanted) Each NFT purchased will reveal a link only available for those that purchase the Atlantis Series. This Link will show the holder the real-time location of Atlantis on Google Earth.

Pricing Unique .03 ETH (81 available in series) Prototype .09 ETH (9 available in series) Subset Unique .06 ETH (6 available in series) Subset Prototype .18 ETH (3 available in series)

3 Collections and 1 Rare Subset Royal Atlantis Collection This collection focuses on the legendary figures and rulers of Atlantis. Atlas - The First

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Aug 2021
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