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Fingerprints of artificial intelligence minds

** You can verify that this is a unique Ideami collection by finding these works and Ideami's contact data at and contacting Ideami at the only valid email: or through twitter at @ideami **

The LL high resolution collection pieces are created with real data from the training processes of artificial deep neural networks (AI).

  • They contain the highest resolution and quality representations in the world of the surfaces that express the performance of the learning processes of artificial neural networks.
  • You are looking at the fingerprints of the learning process of artificial machines, the shadows of spaces that have billions of dimensions, spaces navigated by neural networks that are looking for the right combination of their parameters.
  • Combining multiple disciplines I produce the final piece in very high detail and resolution. Because of the difficulty of the creation of these pieces, very few of them exist.
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Mar 2021
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