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ArtGen ManhattanTraffic

Many years ago I was on a long stay in New York. During a visit to the top of the Empire State Building, I was struck by how geometrically parts of Manhattan were built. Straight avenues and crossing streets, rectangular rooftops and also a lot of rectangular cars. If you squinted, the view formed a geometric pattern and this view became the beginning of a series of images that I called New York

My digital interest did result in the designing of a computer program called ArtGen that can randomly generate unique images in a constructivist spirit given certain prerequisites. The images produced cannot be fully foreseen and the probability that they are reproduced is zero.

The collection "ArtGen ManhattanTraffic" consists of randomly generated unique images by ArtGen that reflects my view of what Manhattan looks like from above. A maximum of 100 of the unique images that are generated are distributed as NFTs with start in december 2021.

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