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AlienAlliance Official

You are now entering the Cosmos- welcome to the new world, welcome to the Alliance.

We have invaded the Blockchain.

Planet Earth had shown no sign of intellectual life, it was the otherworldly, the extraterrestrial that gave universal force to the innovation of tomorrow. Our Alliance has unleashed a collection of 10,000 digital eternities disguised in human form.

Make contact with hyper curated Alien Archetypes on the Ethereum Blockchain. Be it Kings, Queens, Scientists, Musicians, Tradespeople, Criminals, Doctors, Athletes, and more. Come one, come all - each Alien features unique attributes adding to the rarities amongst the collection.

Holding an Alien grants members of our community access to various exclusive events and huge giveaways from the Alliance.

No two are the same.

Welcome to the new world, welcome to the Alien Alliance.

Dec 2021
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