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The Algos are a NFT collection on the Ethereum Blockchain created by the NotKnownArtist. The visual representation of the NFT is an algorithmic generated picture. In a minimalist style using simple geometrical shapes like squares, rectangles or spheres an abstract head is generated. Each Algo is generated from specific name which is used as the seed for its generation and is represented as a 640 x 640 pixels picture. The total size of the collection is yet to be decided. Giveaways are planned and will be announced. It will be also possible to win a special Algo with a specific seed. Additional some Algos will be send to people who supported the artist.

The initial launch of the collection was the 02.08.21

Listing schedule

1st Listing 02 - 05.08.21 ALGO #0000 - ALGO #0029 0.01 eth (sold out)

2nd Listing 03.09.21 ALGO #0040 - ALGO #0069 0.01 eth (18/29)

Relisting 01.01.23 ALGO #0041 - ALGO #0069 0.01 eth (0/18) <-----

Unique items
Total items
Jul 2021
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