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AKA Thailand Macaque Series #1 (OFFICIAL)

UPDATED Feb '24 AKA Thailand - Worlds Largest & Highest Rated Sports Combat Gym Resort Built For Everyone! 365k+ Following IG & #1 Muay Thai School In Thailand.

One Of The Highest Value Holder Projects Ever! ALL NFT holders have instant Lifetime Gold Memberships!

Phase 1: Launch of 555 AKA Thailand NFT collection, Marketing. Mint. Progress: Finished / Bonus Mint Soon!

Phase 2: NFT holder-only AKA Thailand challenges, Free Exclusive Lifetime Gold status T-shirts & Metallic Gold cards for all holders, Huge flash sales & Exclusive meet & greets with onsite visiting celebrities. Progress: Finished/In Action

Phase 3: Entire Multi-Million Baht Gold Status/NFT Holder Exclusive Premier Area Of AKA Thailand Constructed. Progress: Building/In-Progress (Mar. '24 Launch)

Phase 4: AKA Thailand NFT marketplace, Token tracking integration, Holders-only environment (dApp) & Metaverse integration. Progress: In Development

Phase 5: More To Come!

Dec 2022
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