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After Hours by BuddyBuddy

There's nothing quite like punching out of work, when the day’s constraints fall away and you can finally relax. But for artist BuddyBuddy, “After Hours” is when he truly comes alive. Every night, he begins a second shift as a frenzied artist, his studio pulsating with the beats of gangster rap and punk rock that lasts into the early hours of the morning. Being shy by nature- this “office drone” is not one to frequent clubs- but instead draws his energy from late-night walks through the city. In “After Hours,” Buddybuddy channels the raw energy and lingering excitement of those transformative hours after the bars have shuttered their door but before the sun rises- where the echoes of the night's revelry mix with the anticipation of another boring day… until he can clock out again.

Jun 2024
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