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Adult Fantasy x Hail Draconis LORE Collab

💎 The eerie glow of the Dark Moon of Draconis unveils a plan long in the making… the great Reptilian takeover of the blockchain! Hail Draconis is a platform-spanning Reptilian propaganda project celebrating the misadventures of Earth’s shadowy cabal of shapeshifting overlords.

💎 Picking up after their encounter with the Skull X assassins, our Scaled Super Reptilians find themselves face to beard with a band of FRWC wizards! In true Draconian fashion our heroes immediately get off on the wrong clawed foot. How will Korplore, Crucifore, Dildore and Cryptore slither their way out of this one! Again!

👉 Oh and there’s goblins. You humans love goblins…

💎 So join the Grand Reptilian Council as they usher in the New Age of Hail Draconis comics. Utilizing the proprietary tech of comic partner Adult Fantasy you can now enjoy a fully interactive 3D render of your uniquely graded cover.

‍Fondle your reptilians as often as you like!

‍Hail Draconis!

Jul 2022
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