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8Mint Trial Creator

Get your "Creator Trial Pass" and access all of 8mint’s awesome tools for FREE through the 23rd of October!

  • Create, manage, and execute whitelists on ETH, Polygon, and BSC.
  • Easily build your own custom-branded minting page and allow your community to mint your NFTs.
  • Offer fair raffles to your community - with randomness brought to you by our partners at Chainlink.
  • Expand your social media presence with our automated tools.
  • Gain access to our partners' blockchain tools and cross-marketing events.
  • Use our referral tools to boost your marketing campaigns and maximize results.
  • Everything you need, all tied together and in one place!

Are you a designer, but don’t know how to go about turning your art into NFTs? Don’t worry! We can help you incorporate blue-chip blockchain technology into your designs and turn them into extraordinary NFTs. Just ask - we have a solution for every budget.

Monetize your creations on the world stage quickly and easily with 8mint!

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