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8 Bits Of Me

Hi, welcome to my first physical NFT Album. It's called 8 bits of me. It's been a journey to get to the point of writing this, & my laptop is still currently broken, but i've finally come to terms with the fact that its gone. I still have it though, & enjoy looking at it. Because now it represents a new beginning. A bit like this collection. The songs encompassed all hold great value to me as an Artist. Someone who battles with the beauty and fragility of life, enamoured by perspective which cuts deep like a knife. My thoughts overthink more than twice, people are poetry and consciousness is life. These are some of my best bits. Or at least maybe some of my favourites. Put together through the trials and tribulations of what it takes to create something new. From me, to you. With Love & Gratitude.

Joe x

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Dec 2021
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