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52icons - Rainer Hosch Genesis

I was 11 when my father died. From the early days in his photo darkroom, I learned that photography is all about creating connections. My father Heinz Hosch was my icon. A photojournalist, brave and without fear, a world traveler, risking his life at many front lines, from Vietnam to Western Africa, always there to capture the one photo that told the story. He was my first teacher and I lost him at the age of 52. He was not killed in these wars but in the end I believe it was the wars that killed him. On March 11th, I was able to celebrate my 52nd birthday, the age he was when he so unexpectedly passed away in 1981. This is when I made a decision that would change the course of my life: I would keep his cameras, become a photographer, and continue his legacy. “52icons” is a personal collection of 1/1 portraits (+1540 Iggys) that capture some of the most famous faces of our time, including my father, forever in my heart and now forever living on the blockchain. Thank you, Vati, my icon.

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