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Digital synesthesia, dodecaphonic tones, infinite loop

Constituting a collection of 12 identical videos, 12-Tones presents the full dodecaphonic scale with the corresponding hues on the colour wheel. The original video is taken from a sequence in which John Coltrane is playing the trumpet, and which has been algorithmically modified using the abstractions of the Robert Turner Collective with the music of electroacoustic post jazz duo INFLUUT. The effect produced is a sound wave that passes through the screen. The sound comes from the recording of several types of saxophones playing a sustained note, with the addition of binaural synthesis sounds of wind and brainwaves. The sounds are played in a loop, which induces a state of slow hypnosis and triggers a sort of colour synesthesia.

Individual elements of the 12-Tones work are sold as a source of decentralized financing for Renaissance - an exhibition on algorithmic abstractions and installations in Geneva from June 2nd to 25th 2022.

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