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Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

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Short Name Auction FAQ

What is the ENS short name auction?

The ENS short name auction is a one-time auction for all 3 to 6-character .ETH names still remaining after the reservation period (which concluded August 17th). See this post for more details on the ENS short name auction. This post explains the 3-6 character ENS name phased release plan. The auction is phase 2 of the plan.

When does the auction start?

2019/9/1 (September 1, 2019), at 00:00 UTC.

How long does the auction last?

  • 4 weeks for 5-6 character names
  • 5 weeks for 4 character names
  • 6 weeks for 3 character names

How does the auction work?

The ENS short name auction is an English auction, in which bids are public and participants are able to submit multiple bids, with the final and highest bid winning the name. Each highest bid must be at least 5% higher than the previously highest bid. However, since bidders may exit the auction at any time, bids lower than the current highest bid are allowed.

Auction winners will be awarded their respective .ETH name for one year, after which they will have to pay a yearly fee (the same as the respective minimum bid amount stated above) to maintain control of the name.

All .ETH names can be managed and renewed with the ENS Manager. After the auction is completed, all remaining 3–6 character .ETH names will become available for instant registration, as .ETH names longer than 6 characters already are.

Why are there minimum bids and what are the amounts?

A name's minimum bid must be greater than or equal to the fee for a year's registration. The fee varies based on name length.

  • $5 in ETH for a 5-6 character name
  • $160 in ETH for a 4 character name
  • $640 in ETH for a 3 character name
Can an auction be extended?

To prevent sniping, highest bids made in the last 5 minutes will extend the auction for another 5 minutes. As mentioned, each highest bid must be at least 5% higher than the previously highest bid.

Why is a 3-6 character name I want not available?

Phase 1 of the 3-6 character ENS name release plan was a reservation process. The reservation process for 3-6 character.ETH names closed on August 17th and decisions have been sent out. Of 344 applications, 194 were approved and now belong to their new owners. If a name you want is unavailable, it's likely that the name was registered during the reservation process.

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