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Words of ART Collection No. 1

It’s not always just letters and numbers, sometimes it's pulp. "Words of ART Collection No. 1” is a collection of words of ART. Each word of ART in this collection contains the letter A, the letter R, and the letter T. And there are 4 versions of each word: an A-version, a R-version, a T-version, and a fully-abstracted version. Each version is a wholly-unique word of ART and each version (NFT) is limited to just one edition (1/1) and will never be minted again. I have yet to establish the lid on this collection. All PulpType series or collections have a maximum of 104 items.

I am a scavenger of type. In 2011, I started photographing letters & numbers everywhere I would go. Since, I have cataloged thousands of individual alphanumeric specimens. Each specimen, in and of itself, is a wholly-unique work of art. Collectively, this catalog of characters has become the sole-creative-source for all of my work.

Stay awake. Stay aware. Let go. Let come what may.

~ The Pulp Typographer

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Sep 2021
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  • Letter: R