Meet the WEIRDOS - 2021 - Series 1 & 2

  • They're a little strange, but aren't we all? Celebrate being weird. [email protected]

  • First to collect 60 different WEIRDOS in your wallet address, will receive an exclusive 1/1 animated WEIRDO NFT valued at (5 ETH).

(10) MAX MINT of portraits per WEIRDO Series 1. (5) MAX MINT of portraits per WEIRDO Series 2. (5) MAX MINT of sticker KAREN. (3) 1/1 animated NFT - Set 1-3 (Each set will be different, set 3 will be made exclusively for the ultimate WEIRDO who collects all 60). ONLY 100 WEIRDOS TO EVER BE BORN.

-Hope you found them early ;) - 10yr. Multi-Media, graphic design and GAN artist.

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