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Voice of the People: Vol. 1

In September 2021, I engaged with my Instagram audience in a series of seven interrogatory posts. In each post, I shared a different artwork, each in a variety of versions. And with each post, I asked my audience this question::

"Which version of this artwork resonates with you the most and why?"

From this, "Voice of the People: Vol. 1" — my genesis crypto art collection— was born.

Co-curating a collection with my audience in this way, represents my first major step towards including my community in the way my work is experienced—something I'm looking to normalize in my work.

Many of the people that contributed their opinions and thoughts to this series are folks that have supported my art journey over many years, and I intend to recognize and appreciate them more and more as I continue to create and share.

Voice of the People Vol. 1 is only the beginning and I invite you to participate in this collection, in my story and beyond.

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