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Voice of the Spirit

This collection features enigmatic artwork by the founder of the Nikola Kalida chocolate brand. He says, “I am not an artist at all and I never do commissioned paintings. The time I spent with each of them is unique to me and full of special meaning.”

The paintings in this collection are rare because their author creates only in moments of a creative impulse of the spirit. The completion date of each new painting is one of complete uncertainty and spontaneity. Each artwork is a kind of inner discovery that substantially affects the time it takes to create each piece. It is getting more and more difficult to make each new inner discovery and therefore each new image is a rarity.

If the owner of any of the NFTs in this collection visits the Nikola Kalida chocolate factory in the Dominican Republic, they will receive a free VIP tour. They will be able to see the cocoa factory and plantations, learn the secrets of making live chocolate and receive a one-time unique chocolate VIP gift.

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Jun 2022
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