Visual Evolution

High-definition video art made with Inconstant Light’s Visual Evolution Engine (VEE), and coffee, lots of coffee.

what is VEE?

Beyond human imagination lies an unknown realm, which is still within the bounds of comprehensibility. Because computers have no imagination, they can access this unknown realm, and computer calculations can generate extraordinary beauty that had not been imagined previously, for example, the Mandelbrot Set.

This is the rationale behind Inconstant Light's VEE: to allow computer algorithms to run free, and see where it leads. Outside the house they have to be accompanied by a responsible adult. Obviously.

the future

The extra-terrestrial Solarians in the logo are evolving. They’re coming to destroy the planet and Inconstant Light’s videos.


To find out about the purpose of reality, the reason for wood ducks, art exhibitions, books: and on youtube, insta, the twitter, @inconstantlight.

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