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Visions - Artist - Dean Stanton

"I have been lucky enough to have had 30 years and counting in the field of art and illustration, and I like to think that I am just getting started. I have developed a whimsical and approachable Style of artwork that has had pretty broad appeal with all ages for 3 decades, and have been happily producing thousands of artworks for all possible reason and clients.

Thing is, I really just do it for fun. I realized fresh of art college, that one can just play With line, colour, composition and materials, strictly for the pure enjoyment of it. I mean who doesn’t want to wake up each day and say…’cool. I get to just do whatever I want today”?

Well, I have had that blessing most days, and I don’t plan on slowing down. I love what I do, I love making new things, and I love sharing it with people, and I mean ANYONE. To that end, I have developed a couple of great methods of working directly with any random group of people, of any age, any number of participants, anywhere in the world.

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