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Violet Token

Jadyn Violet grew up in New Jersey with a dream. Dropping out of college in pursuit for something greater, he navigated the underground music scene and rose against doubters as an innovator. Now he is an interdisciplinary creative using unconventional technology to pave the way for future generational artists.

What is the Violet Token?

This Genesis project acts as a token to a world of experiences created by Jadyn Violet. Each token doubles as a raffle ticket to the yearly Ultra Violet Experience, where one holder will get flown out to a set location of inspiration and indulge in a day in the life with Violet. The token also introduces the Underground Violet Rave which is an in real life event where holders get free access to and the ability to display their NFTs for collectors. Lastly, the token represents the ability to have first person contact with the artist through token gated content and free lifetime tickets

For the extended roadmap:

Apr 2022
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