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Vince MacDermot

Vince MacDermot is a Staten Island based artist.

Vince MacDermot has just returned from Florence where three pieces of his art, RECLINING WOMAN, DANCING WOMAN WITH BIG HAIR and RAIN LOVER were part of the XIII FLORENCE BIENNALE – Eternale Feminine exhibition.

His work has been seen in the2021 MvVO exhibited at the Oculus, WTC. His work has been published in ART FOLIO 2021 - A Curated Collection of the World’s Most Exciting Artists and CAPSULES 2020 - Curatorial Leaders in Contemporary Art – Vol 2.

His style focuses on an articulate figure, drama or protagonist in precisely established bright white and bright red colors.

His new show at Canvas Institute Gallery is UNDER THE UMBRELLA. The show contains 8 new paintings in the continuing BIG RED NYC series. The new paintings describe the current changes of American life as well as the comforting continuance of America’s love of cars. The show presents his art in ‘analog/old school’ format, digital format and NFTs.


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