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VENEZIA ANNO ZERO | videos by Andrea Morucchio

VENEZIA ANNO ZERO nft videos | unique piece edition | the total number of VAZ videos minted is 99 NFTs.

VAZ is a project by Andrea Morucchio which has already been presented to the public as a short film >> that is based on the video documentation that from March 2020 to April 2021 the Venetian artist made in his city during various lockdown periods.

A temporal parenthesis that drastically blocked the mono-economy of mass tourism, freeing the breath of the city otherwise suffocated by water traffic, queues in the calli and campi, garbage and noise that such a mass of tourists inevitably cause.

It is precisely the uniqueness of this video documentation, of a completely unprecedented Venice that can never be seen again, that led Morucchio to mint these short video clips into NFTs in 1/1 edition whose uniqueness guaranteed by the blockchain reflects the uniqueness and unrepeatability of the moments captured in this series.

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Nov 2021
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