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vEmpire - The Founding Soldiers

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After years of quietly building military strength and governing the surrounding areas, the time has come for the Empire to expand its borders, and seek out new places to rule. The Empire has set its sights on Decentraland, where the leadership is falling short of what the people deserve. Using the efficient military training honed over time, and the passion of its people, the Empire will soon encompass everything in its path.

All is not as unified as it may seem however. After the peaceful reign of the former Emperor, his two sons vy for leadership of the powerful Empire. Romulus and Remus never saw eye to eye, and each brother won’t let the other get in the way of unlimited power.

Romulus is a strong leader of men, who wins the hearts of his people with responsibility, and promises of power and wealth. Remus is the true son of the wolf. He is sly and conniving, and he will use underhand tactics in order to gain the advantage in battle.

Jul 2021
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