Breaking the barriers of space and time, UNTOLD unleashes the magic of the night into our world and is known as Romania’s largest music festival. Based in the mythical region of Transylvania, each year, for four days and nights, the festival shares its secrets, legends and arcane powers with festival goers from over the world. Joined together by world-leading music artists, UNTOLD is more than a community, but a movement: every year a new generation of Heroes, driven by love, hope, courage and friendship, embraces the magic of the unexpected. The story began in 2015 in Cluj, Transylvania's largest city. Throughout the years, artists such as Armin van Buuren, David Guetta, Steve Aoki have become part of the regular lineup and have been lighting up the city’s nightlife ever since. Walk-in acts, acrobats, enchanted creatures and mythical heroes pepper the festival grounds, as fans of a huge array of music genres are treated to an immersive experience where dreams become reality.

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