Untitled Horror Movie Tier 3 Collection: A.I. Edition

Our Tier 3 collection is limited to just 20 issues!

The collection consists of a physical merchandise and Digital NFT bundle including a physical script signed by Nick Simon & Luke Baines.

The NFTs consist of 1 of 4 incredible artworks (5 issues each), dreamed by an intelligence created by the team behind the infamous A.I. Artist Huxley.

The A.I. generated each artwork by taking in one of the lines of the magic spell from the movie as 'inspiration'. The line fed into the machine is revealed to the owner after purchase.

All purchases also include both rare and ultra rare alternate movie posters NFT, with access to the never revealed before deleted scene.

All NFT purchases at any tier will automatically lead to entry into the  Golden Ticket Draw, where 2 lucky winners will have their own private virtual cast meet and greet, exclusive merchandise, a signed movie poster and an exclusive copy of the movie!