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Unseen Funny Me

Unseen Funny Me (2007-2021) is a collection of 333 my photos where I look funny, all unpublished till now.

Hey! Each NFT has got unlockable content that can only be revealed by the owner of the item!

I needed a lot of courage to publish them.. but, no pain, no gain... and now here I am!

You are allowed to do anything with my NFTs, even for commercial purposes. I hope you have respect for my soul.

I took inspiration from the Ghozali Everyday collection. I have spent my last 14 years photographing me and my girlfriend and these are my funnest shots. Drive me crazy, make this sold out and I will upload some crazy collection of us !

I will donate 15% of my earning to Clown Care non-profit organization for hospital clowning. No one should stop wanting to laugh.

Each unlockable content is about me, my secrets, my life... at least 200 words long.

Each NFT is 1/1. Each NFT is unseen. Happy laugh XD

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Apr 2022
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