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Digital art for real life

“Digital art for real life” is a gallery of NFT artworks put together to fundraise money for the Ukrainian Army’s needs and support Ukrainian defenders who stand up to Russian invaders. Before the war, in June 2021, Ukrainian artists from different regions created art sculptures, which are symbols of Ukrainian culture and recovering engineering talent. In October 2021, we watched children hug these sculptures in Dnipro city park and dream of exploring space one day. Now we have to watch enemy missiles destroy these kids’ worlds and kill their dreams. The collection interprets the spirit of the fight for independence, strength, and courage by combining art with modern technologies. And, someday, it could become a valuable item of your meta-universe home collection. The aim is to raise up to 500,000 USD to support protectors of the democratic values and peace in Ukraine! The gallery was designed by the NGO “Noosphere Association” together with the CTRL / ART / D agency in March 2022.

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