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Trichro-matic by MountVitruvius

Art Blocks Collection: Curated

Project Description: Trichro-matic meditates on perception.

As you explore the piece, your perception of the structure shifts. Elements change their relationships - what is out turns in; what is flat deepens. What stood adjacent now occludes.

The piece uses rhythmic color and form, displacement, and juxtaposition to create structures that invite interpretation and exploration. Some outputs challenge our depth perception conventions, while others manipulate explicit structural cues and emphasize intentional imperfections.

From this concept, the piece gets its name - Trichro-matic - denoting the ability to perceive using all three primary colors. The hyphenated "o-matic" denotes fictional machinery, hinting at the generative system supporting the piece. Both hand-selected and algorithmically-generated color palettes feature, with the latter aiming to elicit emotions akin to the former.

When you explore an output from different starting points, you understand the elements' relationships differently. In these changing interpretations, no answer is definitive. Each perspective, whether your first, your last, or someone else's, is valid.

Prints will be available for Trichro-matic owners. For more details, visit this link.

Note: Renders might take longer on lower-end or mobile devices. This piece is my most technically complex release to date, relying on a custom GPU render process which can demand significant resources, even if outputs appear simple.

Finally, I dedicate this piece to my father, who suffered vision loss from a stroke in September 2023.

Oct 2023
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