Traderpiggys Chatbook

Hello everyone! Dear all °°°

I'm glad you're here. Very nice.

The internet, social media generally; not least, digital chat rooms, albeit an often chaotic realm, affords one with an overflowing idea pool, providing, as it were, the richest, effervescent source of inspiration. I translate the non-physical culture, dip into this virtual attitude to life, the subversive creativity harboured and revealed within everyday digital forms of communication, seemingly freely, wildly – only to be associatively contextualised into my art practice. In the course of this process, I scratch, dissect and sample – I own it – like a DJ.

Chatbook: Since 2009, I have been creating expansive installations in the physical world with large banners, posters and sculptural objects.

OpenSea: Back in the digital world - I am developing Traderpiggys Chatbook with 5 (0101) editions and 15 (1111) NFTs each.

Many thanks for your interest. I mean that!

Aloha Traderpiggy ;-)

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