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Totally Turtle Tokens

A bale of fun-loving and crazy turtles have been released into the OpenSea. Catch yours today! _

Each that swims by you know is unique, a strange looking creature that is obviously a freak.

Randomly generated, there can only be one, but which one is yours for playing the long?

As they become noticed their value will soar, like a true fable, myth, legend and lore.

Ten thousand in existence but they travel in turns, you will have to watch out for them surfing the churns.

Pixelated and fun these turtles are stout, net yours promptly and don't miss out.

Then all that's left is to spread the word and watch the value increase, it's quite absurd _

20 bundles of 20 tokens have been released for early adopters. Bundle links can be found on our website:


10,002 items