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The Last Moon by Yvette Tan

“The Last Moon” is the first NFT book ever to be dropped at the Frankfurt Book Fair—the world’s largest and oldest trade fair for books.

The first edition consists of 7 one-of-one editions each with a unique book cover, and one mural containing all 7 covers, all designed by Team Manila.

Team Manila will be airdropping 100 Last Moon Coins on October 25, 2021, which will allow readers a chance to unlock and read the story. Aside from directly purchasing here, followers can collect a total of 6 Last Moon Coins to get a first edition of “The Last Moon”. For more details, please follow the Twitter account @TeamManila.

Written by acclaimed Filipino horror writer Yvette Tan, “The Last Moon” introduces creatures and beings from Philippine myth into the metaverse. It is a retelling of the story of Bakunawa, a dragon that swallows six of the earth’s original seven moons. It is also the first book of the NFT shared-world project BATHALA BEASTS.

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