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The Journey Of Healing

Abdi Ibrahim Pharmaceuticals was founded in Istanbul in 1912. Today, it stands as an international brand known for its cutting-edge technology, high-end production excellence, passion for innovation, biotechnology and sustainability, all of which aim to reach one single & bold goal: Become a purpose-driven company by healing lives and the future.

Selman Hosgor, the designer of "The Journey of Healing" NFT Collection, had a vision of designing peaceful and joyous collages with healing energy. Hosgor is a multidisciplinary artist who combines photos, typography, and vivid colors.

Abdi Ibrahim's first NFT collection's primary objective is to raise social awareness of the Company's CSR projects and diversify the revenue-raising efforts for those projects. This NFT Collection, a combination of art and science, includes the main topics of Abdi Ibrahim's 5th sustainability report.


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