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The Cryples is a wild ride that combines digital art, a web3 map game, and even real-world pickles. Yes, you read that right – actual jars of pickles!

By owning a Cryples NFT, you can participate in the Proof of Pickle (POP) farming program and earn utility tokens that can be used to claim jars of pickles shipped straight to your door. Who knew that farming pickles could be so lucrative?

But The Cryples is not just about pickles – it's also a lifestyle. We're talking pastrami sandwiches, web3 degeneracy, and all the good things in life. If you're not a web3 degenerate yet, don't worry – owning a Cryples NFT is a surefire way to join the club.

Inspired by the CC0 projects in the NFT space, The Cryples is all about open access to creative works. Anyone can own a Cryples NFT and become part of this vibrant and quirky community. We don't care if you're a millionaire or a broke college student – as long as you love pickles, you're one of us.

Feb 2023
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