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The Bonsai Assemblance

The Bonsai Assemblance wants you to benefit from holding your NFT. We have got several Discord benefits planned under which Alpha calls, unique tools to help you trade, (free mint) whitelistspots and even more.

We also plan on launching a couple of projects, of which a % of all income will go to our holders and the community wallet. The projects themselves will hold their own unique utility and every token in the Bonsai Assemlance grants you at least one token in the created collection.

Other plans are to give holders of the Assemblance access to several tools that will help you trade and buy NFT tokens more efficiently. Other items (such as websites, games, art, etc.) will help people launch their own collections, build their own games, release their own music.

We plan on building through creating. The space could use a place where start-ups can find help, where artists can find assistance, where creators are helped with creating, where holders profit from holding!

Jan 2023
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