The Ritchie Valens Collection

This collection consists of one NFT commemorating Ritchie's 80th Birthday.

The 1-of-1 NFT celebrates the life and music of Ritchie Valens, who broke musical barriers at the age of 17. He wrote and performed many timeless hits including “La Bamba,” “Come On, Let’s Go,” “Donna” and “That's My Little Suzie” in a music career that spanned only eight months.

Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001, Ritchie’s music continues to inspire generations of fans.

Ritchie, who would’ve now been 80 years old, lives on in our hearts.

In addition to winning this Ritchie Valens 80th Birthday Commemorative NFT, the highest bidder of the initial auction will also be awarded the original sketch of Ritchie Valens depicted in the NFT, hand-drawn by New York based artist Patrick Shea.

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