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The PEASS Family

The first batch of The PEASS Family is out now! Get them while they last!

The PEASS Family is a collection of exclusive and limited edition NFTs, designed by Carlos Polop’s team and based on our beloved PEASS.(

Your NFT-PEASS will give you access the latest version of PEASS-ng, check each NFT description for more details!

Do you want your own personalised NFT PEAS to be designed by us? Contact us and we will make our best to include it in the Family!

Only the PEASS designs of NFTs released by us are the authentic members of The PEASS Family. Please remind The PEASS family, as all my projects, are protected by Copyright. When acquiring an NFT the property will be yours, but the intelectual rights remind on the designer. Disclaimer: Any misuse of these NFTs will not be the responsibility of the designer or creator of the PEASS. Please use responsibly.


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