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The Lonely Astronaut

I bought an authentic vintage high-altitude space suit in 2017 and have traveled with it for thousands of miles around the world taking photos of different people in it (mostly women).

While I was in an abandoned house one day, I thought about how strange it was to be in a space where people once lived, exploring their home and in turn, trying to piece together what the lives of the people who once lived there were like. I wondered if I was the only one who ever thought of them after they were gone- the only one to see their faces in photos and read their names on their mail after so many years. I then got to thinking, what if this happened across the whole world? What if humanity had to evacuate earth for some reason- maybe we destroyed the environment so much, or couldn't breathe the air (or both) and we had to leave? And what if- much like I was doing- several years later one person comes back to see how we all once lived?

And that was the start of "The Lonely Astronaut"

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