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The Little Guys Collection by Bradley Kraw - Jumbo Dreams (Pack 1)

The Little Guy's Collection is a collection of 20 collectible characters that live on the Ethereum blockchain from the project, 'Jumbo Dreams' - an animated series. Your "Little Guy" gives you a producer credit and also serves as your membership that grants you access to member-only benefits such as private events, project insights, premieres, and other exclusive benefits as they become available. Visit the roadmap and learn more about the team and creative community around the project here: -> Join the DREAM'S TEAM!

A plush hippo escapes the reality and monotony of his life by leaning into his artistic talents and goes further than just his imagination. He dreams of being a superhero of sorts... and an astronaut, a cowboy, a gamer, a knight.... but learns empathy and simple acts of kindness might have more of an impact than 'saving the day.' Which one are you?

*We reserve the right to sell physical goods from this collection regardless of ownership

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