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The Kiss Genesis

Eight years ago, El Beso de los Invisibles (The Kiss of the Invisible) was born. An immense mural in Bogota, Colombia, which has become a symbol of love, respect and reconciliation in the city. El Beso, as people know it, is probably our most significant work and that is why we have decided that 24 cities around the world should have their own Beso. To achieve this goal we will launch 24 digital artwork editions (NFT's) to obtain the necessary resources to travel and paint them. A unique work divided into 24 walls, which will eventually become a digital animation. The first of its kind.

We start with El Beso Genesis, Vertigo Graffiti's first digital creation that will have a series of 400 originals artworks available, created with the help of a new member of the team: an algorithm that makes each piece unique and unrepeatable.

With your support, there will be 24 series of NFT's, 24 murals around the world and 24 stories around the planet. And also a final digital animation Thank you

Nov 2021
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