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The Impossible Parade

Help us fight against rampant homophobia and transphobia in Poland. The situation is serious! In 2020 more than 100 Polish municipalities declared themselves LGBT free-zones. It's 30% of PL territory! In 2022 there were still 32 zones. Despite the EU's law and common sense, LGBT+ people here feel threatened to manifest who they are and who they love. THE IMPOSSIBLE PARADE is an NFT collection of characters that aims to help LGBT+ communities in all LGBT-free zones in PL. Each figure represents one zone from 2022. They all were part of THE IMPOSSIBLE PARADE movement - the first AR pride parade organized in 32 zones, where people are afraid not only to organize offline marches but even grab a loved one's hand. All because of the homophobic resolution. More: The highest possible amount - 10% of proceeds will go to a fund supporting the cause. The more we share and resell the collection, the more money comes to fight for equal rights for LGBT+ people in PL.

Aug 2022
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