The BookFest: Spring 2021

This is a collection of virtual commemorative pins for The BookFest®. They are keepsakes are for this groundbreaking virtual literary event. The BookFest produces vital conversations on the world’s stage for those who love to read, and those who love to write. It launched May 2020 and quickly became the leader in online book festivals. The biannual event happens in the spring and fall, and streams panel discussions, conversations, and festivities for readers and writers. As an award-winner, The BookFest® has recognitions from the w3 awards and the Muse Creative Awards. The BookFest® is describes itself as “an online bookish adventure™”. It features an array of literary speakers, experts, and authors, which has included: Mitch Albom; Kevin J. Anderson; Robert G. Diforio; Cheryl Willis Hudson; Wade Hudson; Sarah Kendzior; Jonathan Maberry; Lisa Morton; James Rollins; Connie Schultz; Danny Trejo and many others.

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