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The Adventures of the Resident Virus

Back in 1995 it took me three nights to write a short story about the adventures of a computer virus code-named K-817. In this story a stylish, smart and cunning virus gets into an IBM PC and manages to do a lot of stuff on its way.

In 2000 one of my good friends advised me to transform these two short stories into the script of a computer game (a quest), where the player could guide the virus, which is on its mission inside the computer.

I became interested in this offer and together with an artist started to shape our vision of what had to become a game in the future. Unfortunately the game has never been released. Our team disbanded, the graphical content became unnecessary and the virus was left behind.

And now I’m offering you to become a participant of this epoch-making story, which was started back in 1995, but which (thanks to you) can go on and on almost endlessly as long as the Net exitst!

All files included into this collection date back to the year 2000!

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