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SYNPETICA by Stephen Bliss

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SYNPETICA by Stephen Bliss, creator of Fear City and former Senior Artist for Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto Franchise.

With a passion vintage movie posters, Stephen wanted to create one for his Fear City, cartoon universe.

The story is centered on a tech company called Synpetica, manufacturers of advanced AI synthetic pets that mimic real pets' affection, serve as therapists (speaking multiple languages), sense their owners' mood (and give emotion-appropriate compliments), cook, clean, read bedtime stories, take photos, brush hair, and guard the owner's home (save 10% on defence accessories when you pre-order). What could possibly go wrong?

To mirror society's current fear about AI potentially harming humanity, Synpetica Synth-Pets are secretly programmed to evolve and destroy their owners.

Stephen began this narrative a year prior to AI's widespread use, unintentionally tapping into a prescient theme.

Holders of this Artwork, who also hold an Audio Galleries Mint Pass NFT or Fear City by Stephen Bliss NFT will also unlock a Fear City 'Bear Drop'.

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Meet Stephen Bliss

Stephen Bliss, a highly acclaimed artist and the founder of the NFT project, Fear City, delivering comic NFTs, VR social media filters, a web 3 clothing line, and irl projects (including a collaboration with Jeff Staple).

As Senior Artist at Rockstar Games from 2001 to 2016, Bliss is attributed with establishing the highly recognizable illustrative style for the multi-billion dollar Grand Theft Auto franchise, the most lucrative entertainment product of all time.

His skills have also extended to other highly lauded games such as The Warriors, LA Noire, and Red Dead Redemption, producing game box covers, international magazine covers, posters, billboards, and promotional merchandise.

He also produced an array of non-game-related artwork for Rockstar, contributing to the company's image as a creative powerhouse.


Stephen's instantly recognizable illustrative style is probably most synonymous with the Grand Theft Auto Franchise, images that have been promoted throughout the world.

Web3, Commercial Portraits & Posters

Stephen has a career spanning 3 decades and 3 continents. His commercial work spans multiple sectors, including work for Mountain Dew, 1800 Tequila, Toyota, Monopoly, and multiple musicians.

Fear City