Symbionts by JFN

"Symbionts" was created as an ironic-surreal combination of the preoccupation with portraits of human models and the sometimes very human faces of historical cameras. J. F. Novotny's "Symbionts" replace real faces with the faces of the apparatuses whose task was to portray them.

Weird? Hell, ya. Now let’s see how „Symbionts“ master the face swap between camera and subject. Call them „surreal pop art“: „Symbionts“ has been realised with a reprographic, digital color halftone effect.

About the artist: J. F. Novotny is photographer and visual artist since more than 30 years; he graduated in 1990 in Germany. Longer visits abroad in the US. Various exhibitions in Germany, the UK, US and Jordan; featured in numerous galleries and diverse print and online media, like CNN, Petapixel, Playboy, Lui, Behance, Profifoto, La Repubblica, Lensculture, designboom, Aesthetica magazine or Saatchi Art, to name a few.

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