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Sweet Treasure Hunt

This collection represents 12 NFTs that have collectible value for the following reasons:

• The pirate girl is manifested in all her brilliance in these 12 images. This is a one-of-a-kind doll specially commissioned by Nikola Kalida. It is held at the Nikola Kalida Museum.

• As for the NFT universe, this character was only used once and only for this Collection!

• This collection presents the entire current range of Nikola Kalida Chocolate Factory up to the date of June 2022.

• Each NFT bears the personal signature of Nikola Kalida. This signature is placed on the back of the chocolate label. It means that the quality of the product is checked and accepted!

• If the owner of any of the NFTs in this collection visits the Nikola Kalida Chocolate Factory in the Dominican Republic, they will receive a free VIP tour. They will be able to see the cocoa factory and plantations, learn the secrets of making live chocolate and receive a one-time unique chocolate VIP gift.

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Jun 2022
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