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Super Power Cards

Current Status

  • Phase 1: SOLD OUT (0.12 ETH)
  • Phase 2: Currently Minting (0.15 ETH)
  • Phase 3: Coming Soon (0.17 ETH)

The Super Power Cards give their holders many benefits. The collection consists of ONLY 250pcs. This very limited NFT allows you to fuse your NFT card with the upcoming Captain Gamble to get one of 250 SUPER RARE Captain Fusions.

Holders receive the following benefits:

GET "VIP CARD HOLDER" & "KRASS ARMY" ROLE on Discord. These 2 Roles come with many benefits like participation in our $100k Giveaway, Automatic Whitelist for Captain Gamble NFT and our Meetup in Las Vegas or Dubai. You also get a reduced minting price for your Captain Gamble NFT. You can check all the benefits on our Discord.

Join the Discord Community and learn more about the Super Power Cards and SuperKrass!

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