Super Nfty Floating Heads

The Floating Heads are a collection of 264 3D animated 1/1 NFT's handmodeled in VR. Only 264 will ever be made and every single one will be unique. 7 new heads every Friday!

Each Floating Head contains:

  • The commercial license for your Floating Head
  • A 3D printable file (.stl)
  • The original metaverse models (.usdz, .glb)
  • The original video file (.mp4)

Friday Drops!

  1. On Wednesday I mint 7 new heads!
  2. On Friday 5PM UTC, bids from the starting price are accepted.
  3. Over the following week, Unclaimed heads will slowly go down to 0.1 Eth.

Starting prices:

  • #101–150: 0.25 (→ 0.1 Eth)
  • #151–200: 0.3 (→ 0.1 Eth)
  • #200-260: 0.5 (→ 0.1 Eth)

Check for details & Join the Discord, talk to other collectors and join the owners-exclusive chatrooms: @SuperNfty On Twitter and Instagram

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