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Sunflower Land Buds

About this collection

ERC 721

After the long wait, Sunflower Land is releasing its first NFT drop!

Introducing Buds, the friendly farming pets that will turbo charge your Sunflower Land farm and gaming experience. These buds mark the start of a new era of collectibles and utility in Sunflower Land, providing exciting gameplay avenues. Players will now be able to collect a one-of-a-kind Sunflower Land collectible and use it in their farming adventure.

On September 26th, we will be launching the Bud NFT drop. There will be a collection of 5,000 buds offering a range of perks and in-game boosts.

52.4% minted2,621 / 5,000
What is Sunflower Land?

Sunflower Land is the #1 Farming Game on Polygon.

After the launch of the project in early 2022, Sunflower Land exploded in popularity with over 170k accounts created from over 100 different countries.

The award-winning Sunflower Land boasts one of the most loyal and engaged communities in web3, and leads the industry in community-built gaming.

The project has a vision to become a player-driven world that continuously evolves and grows according to the community's input and interests.

Where do Buds come from?

Buds are magical characters that evolve from bud seedlings. They are planted and harvested by Bumpkins. Buds are loveable farming companions that hold the secrets to farming and are renowned in Bumpkin history.

From the early exploration to current day, Buds are loyal pets which have guided Bumpkins towards successful farming ventures.

There are 10 different types of buds, each evolved based on the area in the game they were planted:

  • Plaza Buds
  • Castle Buds
  • Cave Buds
  • Beach Buds
  • Sea Buds
  • Retreat Buds
  • Saphiro Buds
  • Snow Buds
  • Woodland Buds
  • Port Buds
Goblin Buds

We have a special surprise!

A long time ago, the mischievous Goblins got their hands on half of the bud seedlings and planted, nurtured and harvested the buds. As a result, Goblin Buds came into existence! These cute buds have the iconic Goblin Ears.

When revealing your bud, there is a 50/50 chance that it will be a Goblin Bud or a normal Bumpkin Bud.


Bud Types:

Buds originate from 10 different regions of Sunflower Land. Each type of bud includes a guaranteed boost for your farm.


A bud wouldn't be a farming companion without a stem! The stem is a hatlike structure which sits on the buds head. There are 15 Stems which have utility buffs and 10 which are cosmetic.

These buffs will stack on top of your existing bud's abilities.


When certain buds were planted and harvested, the mystical forces of Sunflower Land granted these seedlings a magical Aura.

The Aura is defined by a colorful smoke effect surrounding the bud. If you are lucky enough to reveal a bud with an Aura, your buds abilities will be multiplied.


Each bud also has a unique colour. These are purely cosmetic and give your bud beauty and recognition!