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Star Racers

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About this collection

Experience the thrill of high-speed racing with Star Racers, the latest collection of 2500 dynamic game assets, each with their own unique upgrades tiers. Brought to you by Rocket Monsters, get ready to embark on a pulse-pounding adventure!


Introducing the Star Racers hoverbikes collection! These hoverbikes are your gateway to high-speed racing and combat in the Rocket Monsters world. Each bike is fully upgradeable in-game, allowing you to enhance its capabilities as you progress in your racing career. With only 2500 available, secure your chance to own one of these highly sought-after assets.

Join us for a glimpse into the vast world of Rocket Monsters and take part in community play. Discover the excitement of Web3 gaming and the unique opportunities it presents.


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Price: 0.015 ETH

Nova Starlight Tier 1

Step into the world of high-speed racing with our Tier One bike frame. Engineered for advanced performance, this frame is a must-have for new racers. With the capability to equip up to 4 attachments, this frame is perfect to unleash your potential and dominate the competition.

Cosmic Cruiser Tier 2

Unleash your true potential with our Tier Two bike frame. Built for the advanced racer, this frame is the ultimate combination of speed and style. With the ability to equip up to 5 attachments, this frame is the perfect tool for those who want to dominate the track and stand out from the crowd.

Galactic Shadow Tier 3

Dominate the competition with our Tier Three bike frame. Engineered for the elite racer, this frame is the pinnacle of power and performance. Equipped with the capability to hold up to 6 attachments, it's the ultimate choice for racers looking to push their limits and achieve victory.